A Sailor’s Heart

I am a Sailor thru and thru
I ride the waves of the ocean blue
On a ship made of steel and glue
In the Navy my profession true

But what of my heart? Or the depth of my soul?
My faith in God…letting Him take control
The thoughts I contemplate to a setting sun
His majesty displayed across an endless horizon

The daughter I leave behind when the mooring lines are drawn
Sorrow felt is like the end of the most beautiful song
Happy to have heard it, sad to let it go,
hopeful to have her again, empty until I do

Music is the window to and the heartbeat of my soul
A perfectly still surface reflecting the universe back at itself in defiance and tranquility
No one knows how deep it goes, how much pain it carries.
A capacity to love so deep and wide, with an underwater storm unwilling to subside
A torrent of current and emotion raging underneath, reaching depths beyond the Marianas
Carrying a broken vessel that yearns to be free
Escape the storm, the pain, the sea

Every note of every song is like a pebble breaking the surface rippling across my heart
Transforming the emotions so I am not torn apart
I know if I can fill this void I will rise to the surface
I seek Him first and am searching for my purpose

My partner in crime, my ride or die
Someone to share life with, who appreciates a warm breeze under a starry night sky
An adventure forever is what I can offer, a muse to my heart is what I am after
Someone to calm this storm within, ready to ride the waves to the end
with wind in her hair and compassion in her heart, time is long overdue for a new fresh start

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