Atlas Crushed

I love her
I carry her
She is the weight I choose to bear

I protect her
I provide for her
She is the heart I choose to share

Along my path I fell in the dark
A faltered step
I fell apart

I tried to carry her
To be the support she’d need
With a damning flaw, I could not succeed

As the load slid off my rounded back
A chain emerged, that gave no slack
I tugged and pulled, with all my might
The only progress was towards the light

I’d straighten tall and flex my breadth
with a dying love, praying she’d retake her berth
with a dying hope, i could not stand
to keep moving on, was her demand

on i marched, to the light that’s true
the fiery sun, a rebirth made new
a hope in my eyes, a hope in my heart
that the fires would yield a new fresh start

i did not know, i did not understand
the land i supported desired a new tending hand
i marched on, like a good soldier true
i had no other course but the fires to make new

i grabbed my chain, pulling on my shame
the weight of the world, i was her fools game
not wanting to move, but nowhere else to go
i tried and i cried to let her trust me so
to let me carry her again
to let me share her heart
to carry and protect her
to provide for her heart

the sun, the sun, the sun is where to go
we are no more, you must burn to let me go
so i marched, and i cried, and inside; i died
into the sun, i struggled, and pulled
this chain, this weight, this shame unfolds

i enter the sun and the chain burns away
i fear i am lost but i continue to stay
i look back at my world and wish my end to be soon
and then i see a beautiful tiny moon

she is a part of me and a part of her
shimmering in the light of this fiery star
she is worth the fight and worth the burn
i claw and i struggle to make the return

this moon needs me, to have and to hold
i will support her, i will not fold
i will love her, and protect her heart
i will be her Atlas, and give her my heart

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