I cannot sum up brotherhood better than saying, I’ll be there for you
When overseas in foreign ports three sheets to the wind and you cannot stand, I will carry you
In the chow hall and you had a rough day, you know who you can turn to
When facing tragedy of insurmountable odds, we face it together with steadfast fortitude

On the pitch of battle we are warriors together
We fight together, try together, bleed together, and die together
When you go down I will support you, covering your back with my own
Pulling you to your feet to fight and charge on

My brothers, my family
All we had was each other
Poor, alone, being raised by a single struggling mother

The shirt off my back in the blistering cold is what I would give you
The meal off my plate if that’s what it came to
The blood in my veins if I thought it would save you

I know these things in my heart to be true
I know we are brothers, because you would do these things too

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