Moonlit Peace

The ocean is a lonely deep; dark… briny….

Churning out sea foam as it crashes against a rocky shoreline.

It whispers in your ear to come explore,

Parting its early morning mist inviting you to row onto the moonlit black.


You enter your boat, you do not know why.

You lock in your oars and cast off your line.

No one knows where you are or where you’ve gone.

The thick salt air overwhelms your senses and you begin to pull.


The subtle calm has lured you into the ocean’s embrace.

The last stars in the sky on the horizon, the first rays of dawn,

you feel at peace.


A gull’s cry draws your attention to port; where you see a rogue wave approaching.

You try to turn your bow into the oncoming assault but realize too late,

the lonely deep has drawn you out and you are caught in her trap.

Like the angler-fish of the deep, the maws of this briny beast are snapping fast.


As your boat rolls and you go under, a wave of panic washes over you.

You feel the phantom hands of countless lost souls grabbing you and pulling you down under…

Or is that just the seaweed?  You open your eyes and realize no one is there.

You spot the surface and start climbing, fighting to get to that breath of air.


How did one wave plunge you so deep?  If you don’t make it, will you be at peace?

Your body overtakes you and the taste of salt floods inside.

A gasp for air becomes a last cry of despair as you realize the cold you feel underneath

The surface is fading out of sight, sinking deeper…how is daylight turning into night?


You feel the seaweed tugging on you again,

this time you see the eyes of the man whose hand is pulling you deep.

You do not know it but you have been summoned to join the feast.

As you close your eyes you feel a chair beneath your seat.


You awaken at the table of the beast.

With countless other souls breaking their morning fast,

In Davy Jones locker…

Atlas Crushed

I love her
I carry her
She is the weight I choose to bear

I protect her
I provide for her
She is the heart I choose to share

Along my path I fell in the dark
A faltered step
I fell apart

I tried to carry her
To be the support she’d need
With a damning flaw, I could not succeed

As the load slid off my rounded back
A chain emerged, that gave no slack
I tugged and pulled, with all my might
The only progress was towards the light

I’d straighten tall and flex my breadth
with a dying love, praying she’d retake her berth
with a dying hope, i could not stand
to keep moving on, was her demand

on i marched, to the light that’s true
the fiery sun, a rebirth made new
a hope in my eyes, a hope in my heart
that the fires would yield a new fresh start

i did not know, i did not understand
the land i supported desired a new tending hand
i marched on, like a good soldier true
i had no other course but the fires to make new

i grabbed my chain, pulling on my shame
the weight of the world, i was her fools game
not wanting to move, but nowhere else to go
i tried and i cried to let her trust me so
to let me carry her again
to let me share her heart
to carry and protect her
to provide for her heart

the sun, the sun, the sun is where to go
we are no more, you must burn to let me go
so i marched, and i cried, and inside; i died
into the sun, i struggled, and pulled
this chain, this weight, this shame unfolds

i enter the sun and the chain burns away
i fear i am lost but i continue to stay
i look back at my world and wish my end to be soon
and then i see a beautiful tiny moon

she is a part of me and a part of her
shimmering in the light of this fiery star
she is worth the fight and worth the burn
i claw and i struggle to make the return

this moon needs me, to have and to hold
i will support her, i will not fold
i will love her, and protect her heart
i will be her Atlas, and give her my heart

A Microscopic View

I am perfect.
Magnify times five and now I am late; occasionally.
To see me five times magnified you must be close to me.
Look even closer, maybe times ten and now I am late often with no repercussions.
Get used to looking at me so close you can’t recognize me any other way.
Always looking, always searching.
Trying in desperation to find the next chink in my golden armor of perfection.
The rest of the world is blinded by the golden light reflected.
But you see the darkness and the shadows.
The distortion created by an unpolished, imperfect reflection.
At times twenty you are only interested in detection.
I am no longer important.
The only thing that matters is the image I emit.
The golden armor that I wear and why you don’t have it.
Piece by piece you rip me apart; stripping my armor from me, thinking somehow you can wear it.
You try on the pieces, they don’t fit.
You try to bend them, they won’t yield.
Never once considering that is was mine, not your shield.
Never realizing I made it myself and if you want armor then you must sacrifice self.
Now I am exposed for who I am.
An imperfect junior Second Class doing the best he can.
Countless hours of creation dismantled in mere seconds when you turn up the magnification.
Now I am as you wished me to be.
Torn, defenseless, have you no clue?
Without my armor, how will I ever be able to defend you?

(written 12/11/2008)

Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem. To seize the day.  This is the war we wage with time.  Striving to suck the marrow out of life with every minute of every hour of every day, because tomorrow is not guaranteed and forever is an empty promise.

You will not find it in your smartphone or your PC, nor your TV or in a movie.
It is in the memories and experiences shared with others.  The audacious who venture to endeavors that push the boundaries of comfortable into the realm of adventure!

When we dare to be bold, risking our hearts on the unknown, pursuing love and life with every fiber of our being…we are sharing the gifts bestowed upon us with the world!  That is seizing the day.  That is Carpe Diem.

The Lady Fire

Fire is a lady, beautiful, dangerous, unforgiving, all consuming!  She is a conqueror of the un-assuming.  In her beautiful destruction she is the untamed fury of Mother Earth, rising from the heart of our planet in a churning maelstrom of energy erupted!  She is also a creator, a life giver, a recycler.  From the ashes of her wrath the Phoenix rises, the green seed sprouts being nourished by the rich soil she has created…breaking through the crust to bask in the light of our fiery sun.  She burns in our hearts when we love. She smolders in our hearts when we’ve lost.  If abused she will betray you.  If respected she will provide for you.  Fire is a beautiful, scary, elegant lady.

A Sailor’s Heart

I am a Sailor thru and thru
I ride the waves of the ocean blue
On a ship made of steel and glue
In the Navy my profession true

But what of my heart? Or the depth of my soul?
My faith in God…letting Him take control
The thoughts I contemplate to a setting sun
His majesty displayed across an endless horizon

The daughter I leave behind when the mooring lines are drawn
Sorrow felt is like the end of the most beautiful song
Happy to have heard it, sad to let it go,
hopeful to have her again, empty until I do

Music is the window to and the heartbeat of my soul
A perfectly still surface reflecting the universe back at itself in defiance and tranquility
No one knows how deep it goes, how much pain it carries.
A capacity to love so deep and wide, with an underwater storm unwilling to subside
A torrent of current and emotion raging underneath, reaching depths beyond the Marianas
Carrying a broken vessel that yearns to be free
Escape the storm, the pain, the sea

Every note of every song is like a pebble breaking the surface rippling across my heart
Transforming the emotions so I am not torn apart
I know if I can fill this void I will rise to the surface
I seek Him first and am searching for my purpose

My partner in crime, my ride or die
Someone to share life with, who appreciates a warm breeze under a starry night sky
An adventure forever is what I can offer, a muse to my heart is what I am after
Someone to calm this storm within, ready to ride the waves to the end
with wind in her hair and compassion in her heart, time is long overdue for a new fresh start

My Rock

There is this girl I know who is like no other
She has a warrior spirit tempered with a compassionate heart
She is a fighter and a lover
When I close my eyes I see her
When I sleep I dream her
She has consumed me so I have room for no other

When she found me she pulled me up from under
So long had I been drowning all I could breathe was water
I was cast adrift on an ocean unknown
I had no idea she was my tether home

Land is in sight, I’m finally being reeled in
Like a fool, I cut my tether and try to swim
Now I’m sinking beneath the waves
To be washed ashore in 15 days

I reach for her, my rock, my love
Trying just to keep my head above
Life’s current is just to strong I fear
Carrying her further away, never near

Frantically flailing I am running out of time
Desperately working to secure a lifeline
My rock, my love, I cannot bear to lose
There is this girl I know, she is my muse