My Rock

There is this girl I know who is like no other
She has a warrior spirit tempered with a compassionate heart
She is a fighter and a lover
When I close my eyes I see her
When I sleep I dream her
She has consumed me so I have room for no other

When she found me she pulled me up from under
So long had I been drowning all I could breathe was water
I was cast adrift on an ocean unknown
I had no idea she was my tether home

Land is in sight, I’m finally being reeled in
Like a fool, I cut my tether and try to swim
Now I’m sinking beneath the waves
To be washed ashore in 15 days

I reach for her, my rock, my love
Trying just to keep my head above
Life’s current is just to strong I fear
Carrying her further away, never near

Frantically flailing I am running out of time
Desperately working to secure a lifeline
My rock, my love, I cannot bear to lose
There is this girl I know, she is my muse

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