Mia’s Fire

Opening day of dive season and the weekend was perfect!  We arrived early Saturday morning and didn’t even bother setting up camp.  After a pre-dive brief we were all eager to suit up in our neoprene and hit the water!  You would think that camping was a second thought at best…and to be honest, it was.  I have had the pleasure of countless nights spent under the stars and there is one common experience that turns a night outdoors into camping.  It is the thing that brings everyone together and ignites the conversation of the day that goes well into the night.  It is where we dry our boots and warm our souls.  We were fortunate this night.  Little did we know but we were about to experience the most beautiful campfire of our lives.  I think it is because we needed a reminder that we weren’t just diving, but we were camping too.  A glowing bed of coals at least a foot deep and twice that wide.  Burning embers that if given a little more oxygen could smelt lead.  Every log placed tenderly with care and in perfect precision.  This was the product of the most unexpected of characters.  A petite young woman named Mia.  She saved us from just sleeping outside to having a true camping experience.  This is Mia’s fire.


Mia’s Fire

The fire burns at perfect tempo and time.

A sacred ember planted by the Italian “mine”.

The heat, the smoke, the dark orange glow.

The blue flame dancing in a nightly show.

It brings us together and warms the soul.

We share fellowship together and the stories grow.

Mia has tended this fires heart.

With grace and deft, from the start.

Many doubted, nobody knew.

We all are thankful that Mia’s fire grew.

-Thank you to Mia and Dillon for the wonderful photos!